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Summer 09

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August 14, 2009

Small Change

Directed by Francois Truffaut, 1976

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Suggestions please…


Thanks to everyone who has been coming to the screenings.  Umbrellas of Cherbourg was our best yet!  I’m trying to come up with a way to seat more people since more guests show up each time.  It really would be great to have an old theater of my own where I can show all the movies I want.  I can just see the “Cinematheque” sign on that old, classic theater in downtown Santa Ana.  I forget what it’s called, but they show Christian movies there now.  Sigh.

Anyways, I’m trying to work on the winter schedule.  Choosing a line up and a theme is much more difficult than I thought.  I’m actually trying to watch more films to see if I can find the perfect winter film for December.  It has to be special because it’s my birthday month too!  Linda gave me two French films that I haven’t seen before, including Chabrol’s Les Biches (above), and I’ve been browsing the dvds at work to see if anything stands out.

Suggestions anyone?  I have some films in mind, but I’m really stuck on a theme.


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Fall 2008: Young and in Love

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October 18, 2008

Love Story

Directed by Arthur Hiller, 1970

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