The cinematheque was created by me (Theresa!). I’m a lover of many things. Some of the things I love include: Anna Karina, Godard films, the Four Tops, owls, French things, my cats, Sofia Coppola, cold weather, and Eric Chase Anderson.

All screenings are in my backyard at 8 pm. Bring a friend and maybe something to sit on (lawn chair, blanket, etc.).

If you want to go or need more info contact me at:


Everyone is invited. Screenings are free!

2 responses to “About

  1. i’m interested in seeing what you’re playing tonight. the movie with that actress from repulsion, or revulsion by that italian director? anyway, i couldn’t find an address on this website, so i hope you will call me later, to tell me so. my number is xxxxxxxxxxx. i found your advertisement at gypsyden where i work.


  2. mochefemme

    Hello. I hope you got my text message. I send out e-mail updates when I have the screenings, so if you send me yours I’ll keep you posted.

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